Home visits and Aged Care

Home visits and Aged Care

If clients are unable to attend the clinic we provide a service to bring the treatment to you! Whether it is in the home or in a residential aged care facility, First Choice Physio can help with mobility, post surgery, chest physiotherapy or musculoskeletal conditions to help you recover in your own environment.

Mobility assessment and retraining

We can provide assistance with walking aid prescription, falls prevention exercise programs, and exercises to promote strength, flexibility and balance. Especially catering for the aged population, First Choice Physio can help with the specific needs for clients requiring assistance in this area. With a comprehensive background in aged care, our physiotherapists can evaluate and prescribe programs tailored to the individual's needs to enable mobility and promote independence.

Post surgical rehabilitation

For clients recovering from surgery First Choice Physio can assist with your rehabilitation. Surgeries such as Knee reconstructions, knee replacements, Shoulder reconstructions, Hip Replacements, and other operations often benefit from physiotherapy after surgery. We have specific protocols for each surgery according to your specialists procedure to help you bounce back.

Chest physiotherapy

We offer services for people suffering from chest and lung complaints. Whether it is lung consolidation or excessive mucous production, First Choice Physio can work with clients to ease difficulty with breathing with sputum clearing techniques and chest expansion exercises to let you breathe easier. Conditions may include post surgery chest infection, chronic lung consolidation or restriction.